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MONOMAKH 4.2 (release from May 2007)

May 31, 2007

Modifications to MONOMAKH version 4.2 in comparison with release from February 2007.

1. BUILDING module:

1.1 Import/export of numerical model of the project (NMP) that is the main component of Integrated Technological Cycle of Design (KALIPSO).

1.2 Analysis of storey drifts. It may be activated when you generate the report with results of FEA. (Analysis of storey drifts is performed according to DBN B.1.1-12:2006).

1.3 Allowable number of storeys is increased up to 90.

1.4 During export to LIRA software, data for wind pulsation load according to SNIP2.01.07-85 is generated in line with new regulations introduced in LIRA version 9.4.

1.5 Modified calculation of subgrade moduli.

1.6 Additional options that simplify model generation:

1.6.1 Nodes of any elements and loads may be moved.

1.6.2 Sides of element contours may be moved (for element and loads).

1.6.3 Modified option for moving and rotating coordinate system with mouse pointer.

2. SLAB module:

2.1 Modified calculation of subgrade moduli for analysis on earthquake and wind loads.

2.2 Before analysis there is a check for coincident columns and piles. If there are any, analysis will not be performed and the user will get appropriate notice.

2.3 Punching shear analysis is updated.

2.4 Updated presentation of contour plots of transverse reinforcement.

2.5 Account of sign variability and mutual exclusion of earthquake and wind loads when envelopes of displacements contour plots of foundation slab are presented.

3. BEAM module.

Updated analysis of reinforcement on earthquake or dynamic loads.

4. BRICK module.

Updated export of data to DRAWING module.

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